Internationally known for his phenomenal skills on the guitar, Balawan is a pioneer in the fusion of Jazz and Balinese Gamalan. He is best known as a Batuan Ethnic Fusion guitarist and his ability to play double neck guitar. Balawan has developed the 8 Fingers Touch Style technique, which is also known as the Touch-Tapping Style. He is often regarded as one of the fastest guitarists in Indonesia and is also referred to as ‘The Magic Finger guitarist’ among the International musician’s community. His music presents an enchanting and unique sound only to be found on the island of Bali, combining traditional with modern instruments and his own signature sounds. His guitar solos are simply mind blowing and his performances certainly provide the listener with a unique musical experience. A large scale model of Balawan’s famous custom made double neck guitar was recently installed as an iconic symbol outside the Hard Rock Café in Kuta, and as a musician he has achieved iconic status as a true representative of live music in Bali.