Dice is a highly entertaining and eclectic band led by an exceptionally talented vocalist named Dee Dice. Drifting seamlessly through a broad range of musical influences and genres, Dee has a gift of being able to connect with her audiences through her vibrant & charismatic stage presence, as well as the beautiful tone & dynamics of her vocals and an uncanny ability to express her true emotions and experiences through the lyrics she writes or improvises on the spot. The band shares a rare passion and harmony on stage, consisting of two versatile guitarist’s, electric bass, drums and sax. Their sound takes influence from a vast array of genre’s, including Jazz, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae and even Folk music. They play a wide variety of material combining their own original songs with unique interpretations of their favourite covers and they also enjoy spontaneous improvisation. Dice have become one of the most highly requested bands on the island, so we recommend that you book them well in advance and guarantee that they will provide an extremely entertaining show for any audience.