Perhaps no one typifies the brilliance of the emerging local musician more than the young jazz pianist, Erik Sondhy. Erik is a bold and intense musician, willing and able to adapt and extemporize with seamless ease. His range of styles it seems knows no barriers, although you can hear a strong influence of Jazz Piano greats such as Keith Jarrett in his playing. Erik has been working hard, writing and performing his own original material, which is considered of an extremely high standard by Jazz musicians the world over. For his solo project, he usually plays in a Trio format, presenting Jazz Fusion arranged in true Erik Sondhy style, however he also invites special guests and vocalists to join him on occasion. There is always an exciting freedom in his performances, with a strong emphasis on improvisation during his intense and exciting solos. Erik prefers to perform with a grand piano (which of course can be provided by BLM) and when he does so it helps to create a sophisticated atmosphere to delight real Jazz lovers from any corner of the globe.