Gustu Brahmanta was born in Kamasan art village, a cultural centre of traditionalBalinese art, situated in the Klungkung regency of Bali. Musical instruments were first introduced to him by his father, who recognized his interest and talent in playing drums. With no formal music education, Gustu learned drumming through his own initiative, seeking instruction and guidance from books, senior musicians, the internet and influences in his own community. Gustu is now considered one of the best Jazz drummers in Bali and has played in many of the best bands at Bali’s numerous music venues, and festivals, always striving to play from the heart with all his energy. He is also one of the most requested drummers by famous visiting Jazz musicians from Jakarta and around the world. This is his first solo project and together with re-nowned bass player Indra Gupta and gamelan player Made Subandi, their first album “Putri Cening Ayu” presents a unique and enchanting fusion of modern Jazz with traditional Balinese sounds. Gustu says ‘There are lots of stories and traditions to share with our children. We preserve our family and cultural heritage in many ways but music is one of the most interesting and captivating methods.’