Jeko is a highly skilled guitarist renowned for his original interpretations of Jazz music and progressive ability. He was born in Jakarta and started to learn guitar at the tender age of 6, his first teacher being his mother who played piano, trumpet and guitar. In 2000 he began to learn classical music in Indonesia Insititute of Art, Jogjakarta, where he played with Yogyakarta Guitar Orchestra. Soon after that he began to explore the world of Jazz and took serious lessons from renowned German Jazz guitarist Guenter Weist & Gilad Hekselman from the U.S. Since then Jeko has become an accomplished musician, composer and musical director for many recordings and live projects, with his group performing at many Jazz festivals including; Java Jazz, Jak Jazz, Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Makassar Jazz Festival, Jazz Market and Bali Live International Jazz Festival. His own project is presented in a trio, quartet or quintet format featuring some of the best local musicians, including Indra Gupta on double bass, Iman Najib on drums and expressive soprano saxophonists Joe Rosenberg from the U.S. They play from a vast repertoire of songs and compositions, providing a menu of REAL Jazz to satisfy your musical appetite.