Nita is one of Indonesia’s most accomplished and entertaining Jazz Piano players. Voted AMI’s best Female Jazz Artist, Nita is a stand out regular performer at the Java Jazz Festival and has played with many of the regions best musicians, as well as performing around the world with many other acclaimed Jazz musicians. She received extensive Jazz and classical training, learning to play from the tender age of 5 and was the state piano player of Indonesia for 15 years. In her own indomitable style, she has grown from her Classical roots, and bloomed into a new style of feet-tapping, hip-swaying Latino music with a generous helping of Jazz. The result is a breathtaking show involving some of Indonesia’s most Incredible musicians, that never fails to excite the audience and whip them into a dancing frenzy! Her full band from Jakarta includes some of the best musicians in Indonesia. Adi Dharmawan is a highly acclaimed Bass player while Jalu Pratidina is simply a phenomenal Percussionist, producing such a wide variety of sounds from his instrument that it takes 5 microphones to truly pick up every subtle nuance or distinction in his expression! Nita also regularly plays with special guests that are visiting Indonesia from around the world, so if you are lucky enough to book her at the right time, you never know who could show up on stage to play with her.