Rio is probably the most famous Bali-based Jazz musician there is, and possibly the most popular trumpet player in Indonesia. Born and raised in the city of Surabaya in Java, Rio’s grandfather was a trumpeter in the Navy and he began playing from an early age. He is now a master of his craft and never fails to deliver a breath taking show. Drawing inspiration from all time greats such as Miles Davis, Freddy Hubbard, Arturo Sandoval and Dizzy Gillespie, Rio possesses a special musical gift and a vast experience of playing with some of the world’s best musicians. He is renowned for his contribution to jazz fusion, however he often covers a much wider musical terrain, mixing his virtuoso trumpet solos with his smooth and soulful singing style, as well as displaying great talent as a writer and composer. Rio’s stage presence is immense, yet smooth and relaxed. His persona is charismatic while his electrifying solos inspire an energetic synergy and connection with the audience. Rio definitely represents the crème de la crème when it comes to Jazz in Bali and with a huge following on the island, as well as around the world, you wont be disappointed when he performs.’