‘That Swing Thing’ is an incredible 8-piece band with a full horn section. Their music is an assortment of up-tempo, re-worked and modernized versions of the sassy and sexy Swing Jazz classics that have been re-mixed in today’s Electro Swing Jazz revolution. The songs take influence from the swinging sound of early 1920’s but have been re-vamped in a glamorous, yet cheekier modern style. The band is made up of some exceptional Jazz musicians from around the world and features the supremely sexy and talented vocalist Edwina Blush, who puts on quite a show for the audience with her alluring yet tastefully provocative performance. The band always dress for the occasion and provide the perfect entertainment for 1920’s themed parties, as well as any other occasion that requires an up-beat yet sophisticated sound and look to inspire your guests to have fun. ‘That Swing Thing’ is indisputably one of the most exciting and enjoyable shows ever to grace the stage in Bali.